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For an Emergency Locksmith Call (480) 428-4556

15 Min. Response Guaranteed 

Emergency Services

We are the No. 1 emergency locksmith ready to serve you always. We are open 24/7, no holidays, to handle emergencies in your office, home or car. Our staff is licensed, trained and insured to offer you hassle-free services at reasonable rates in your emergency situation. We guarantee our services so you can be assured that you have the best people working for you.


We have the quickest response time and the lowest rates for emergency locksmith services. With expert locksmith services you don’t have to wait for service during business hours, or pay high rates or wait for an extraordinary amount of time for the fix. We do not have holidays, so we are available to you 24 hours a day. We have a very well-equipped mobile workshop that has all the tools necessary to fix or replace your lock, key or other fixture. We have been known to fix an emergency within 20 min!


We want to reduce your frustration, fear and stress during your emergency with our caring and knowledgeable service. We specialize in customer care and will ease your concern when you see us in action, working smoothly to resolve your problem. We are the emergency locksmiths who care!


Lockouts emergencies are the most frequent calls we receive. It’s no fun being locked out of your home or car or office. We understand that, and will be at your site quickly. We have all the tools ready to open your door with no damage to it. We use the latest technology to work on your locks.


Despite the transponder system used to make stealing cars difficult, we can open your car door efficiently. We can also make a key for your door with our hand-held computers at the least rates. Trunks may be difficult to open but they are not impossible for our team of professionals, we will get your trunk open in no time.


It happens to the best of us, the key gets broken in the ignition, car door or trunk locks. Remember to call us and our emergency locksmiths will take out your key and replace it with a new key. It will save you the cost of buying a whole new locking system. Whatever the make or model, our trained specialists will make you a key!


The next time you have an emergency lockout or burglary and your locks are damaged, call us! We will handle everything for you at the lowest possible cost. We will repair or replace the key or lock immediately and you can continue with your activities.


Remember we’ve got you covered!